About Us

 Here at Hidden Treasures Online Mall & Boutique. We search and look through every possible source to find good clothing to offer at the lowest price we possibly can. 

 We are a small and family ran American business. We physically have our own products.  WE DO NOT DROPSHIP from CHINA. So you can be sure of the shipping time and quality of your purchase. If we have a product up for sale you can count on us to give an honest description of it to you.  We won't polish a turd and try to sell you it as a gold nugget. If its a turd we'll tell you, but I don't think we will ever sell turds here at least I hope not. 

Well back to serious now, all the clothing we sell is new never worn. WE WILL NOT SELL USED CLOTHING UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. 

With that being said the way we source products to bring you the deals we do. We end up with some return items, so some clothing may come tags off, but we inspect each of those types of pieces carefully to ensure it's not used or worn. Due to the nature of our sourcing we generally do not accept returns on clothing at this time. Those returns have to go through an approval process, and there is no guarantee of approval. You can thank all the bad apples out there for that. Wanting to wear something once then return it later they ruined it for everybody. So we do ask to be sure of your size before you order.  If you have any questions about anything email us at Hiddentreasuresonlinemall@gmail.com  We'd be happy to talk to you. email response is between 12-48 hrs depending on how busy we are. We could get back to as soon as 30 mins. but I have to give a bigger timeframe because we do get busy at times and i can't promise you all 30 mins.   

As far as our more expensive luxury items we offer those are limited and and AUTHENTIC 100% we will not sell a knock off of a luxury item we hate knock offs so if you spend that kind of money with us you can be sure you will get the real deal item. All items pictured are items that are sold and supply is limited on those types items. 

Undergarments obviously are never worn at all. We have to sell them split up. The ones in the box that were shoved back in if they were a return we throw out and only sell the ones that were still factory folded we unfold only for photo purposes. We Love our customers and we are happy to assist you just ask.  

We will be adding social media to our store soon so be on the look-out so you can add and follow us.

 Dig Through Our Site and HAVE FUN TREASURE HUNTING!!!!!